College dorms offer various experiences upon enrolment or acceptance into any state’s University. The leading worst dorm on our list is the Quadrangle Hall at the University of Iowa. Some of these experiences come as nightmares to many learners who wish to further their academic progress. Therefore, there are many worst college dorms in the Us due to students’ various obstacles living in them. Similarly, bad dorms can ruin your college experience in some gruesome ways. Some dorms make you feel like you are in prison and generate feelings of missing going home after the day’s activities.

  1. Quadrangle Hall, University of Iowa
  2. Hill College House, University of Pennsylvania.
  3. Commonwealth Hall – George Mason University
  4. Darnall Hall – Georgetown University
  5. Goddard Hall – New York University (NYU)
  6. Miller Hall – University of Mississippi

Quadrangle Hall, University of Iowa

The University of Iowa built a $95 million, 12-story complex on the Iowa River with a dining hall, gym, and clusters of private bathrooms to replace the Quadrangle Hall. Iowa demolished one of its oldest dorms, a low brick building designed as a World War I barracks but now houses first-year students who consider themselves unlucky in the extreme. The old building gave out a mixture of absurd feelings of the old and dusty buildings. It is also old, leaky, and favored by vermin.

The water pressure in this dorm is nonexistent when the plumbing is working. Cockroach sightings were a common thing before the replacement. The Quadrangle Hall is a perfect example of a weird kid you wish to avoid every time. Therefore, the dorm was one of the last choices any freshman would want to get. However, Quad comprises three houses but has its flaws.

Hill College House, University of Pennsylvania

The Hill College House is a brick fortress surrounded by a moat designed by the modernist Eero Saarinen in the 1950s. The dorm’s rooms are small and narrow. In addition, some of the windows of the premises have bars on them. Similarly, it turns out to be unbearably hot in early fall. Therefore, it’s advisable to bring any portable fans to cope with the harsh climates.

Incoming Penn first-year students prefer the Quadrangle because it’s comfy with an articulate exterior design. The Hill College House is barely artistic, with an apparent architectural design and a not-so-inviting environment.

Commonwealth Hall – George Mason University

Commonwealth Hall is amongst the worst college dorms because of various technical and management issues. The dorm’s elevators constantly break down, posing a real danger to the inhabitants. Similarly, according to different student reports, there’s an inferior Internet connection resembling a detainment facility.

George Mason University receives many complaints from students about mold growth in some Fairfax campus dormitories. These concerns even come after the administration tries to solve the mold issue. Similarly, the dorm is far from campus and classes. In addition, bathroom sharing is standard, with up to10 people using one bath area. The Commonwealth Hall doesn’t have a kitchen, making it harder for learners to access daily meals.

Darnall Hall – Georgetown University

Darnall Hall is notorious and famous for its poor facilities and the extended distance from the dining hall. Similarly, the dorm is isolated from other freshman dorms, the library, and other essential campus premises that students might find helpful. For instance, a water fountain continuously floods the hallway on various floors. The dorms showers’ functionality is not a guarantee because of breakages more often. Most facility problems come because the dorm is an old building that handles hundreds of students each year.

Having rooms far off surrounding this dorm keeps the community and residents close. The distance from other dorms and facilities makes having a friend in Darnell Hall. Several reports of leaking ceilings from little rain are more frequent during the winter. Similarly, other students report mouse sightings and new rodent residents on various floors. The dorm washers are in disrepair and might leave your clothes dirtier than before.

Goddard Hall – New York University (NYU)

Goddard Hall is right on Washington Square Park and has one of the best locations in NYU housing. However, the rooms in Goddard do not have kitchens and are small in size, making it easy to connect with a close or constructive community within your Hall. In addition, you can easily access your classes, the library, the park, and multiple dining halls in less than a five-minute walk. Goddard rooms feature carpeted floors. This feature can either be unattractive or ideal, depending on your room’s interior design needs.

Goddard Hall is the University’s only Residential College for first-year students, steps away from three dining halls, a world-class Library, and most classrooms. Therefore, this location at the crossroads of several iconic New York City neighborhoods has a lot to offer, making Goddard Hall a dynamic and remarkable place to reside. One of the closest Dining Hall is Weinstein Dining on University Place and LaGuardia Place.

Miller Hall – University of Mississippi

Similar to Goddard Hall, Miller Hall features four floors with carpeted rooms. The carpets might come as an advantage or disadvantage to many. While other students prefer a minimalist approach, some would instead not step on ice-cold floors or tiles. The Miller Hall can house about 200 students with double- and triple occupancy rooms. The dorm’s standard room configuration has all rooms facing directly off the main interior hallway. The approach is casual for most design-oriented learners.

The dorm’s bathrooms are along the main interior hallways at an interval of every four to six bedrooms. Therefore, this makes it easier for all students to access and use each bathroom. However, there is only one laundry room with six washing machines and six dryers on the first floor. This laundry equipment might not be sufficient considering the number of occupants in the dorm. In addition, all rooms have wardrobes that measure approximately 6 feet x 2 feet, 8 inches x 2 feet, and resemble traditional built-in closets. Additionally, their triple-occupancy rooms have three cabinets with other extra storage closets off the interior hallway for more storage space.

Presidents Park – George Mason University

Presidents Park is a traditional-style freshman housing area on the Patriot Circle near Shenandoah River Lane at George Mason University. The dorm houses various learning communities that combine to form a diverse cluster of students globally. Supportive amenities provide the Hall with a study lounge, TV lounge with vending machines for snacks, a 24-hour service desk, and professional staff offices for quick assistance and guidance. Therefore, the Presidents park is one friendly environment for all your learning opportunities. Each floor of the President’s Park has collaborative community bathrooms. The facility houses 28 to 40 residents in double, triple, single, or quad bedrooms. Therefore, it is not the ideal place to go if you are looking for the utmost privacy.

Presidents Park boasts a wide non-smoking and alcohol-free housing and residential area for all students. In addition, there is Wi-Fi and cable connectivity that is adequate and reliable for all learners. The 1st-year learners live in one, two, three, and four-person rooms that vary in size and shape. All buildings of the President’s Park include a central heating system and add central air conditioning. In addition, there are also accessible laundry facilities in the lobbies of the various building facilities to provide learners with ideal learning and living experiences.

Weston Hall – the University of Illinois

The Weston Hall is a stone’s throw away from Ikenberry Dining Hall and other vital amenities. In addition, the Hall has exceptional amenities, including an early move-in date to interact with fellow learners. The dorm features a renovated basement perfect for late-night studies and socializing with new people. Another favorite feature of Weston Hall is the underground classrooms that provide ample time and solace for private lessons. These large underground rooms are home to some crucial discussion classes for more extensive lectures offered on campus or educational seminars. Therefore, there are many efficiencies because regular courses have minimal interference.

Your usage of any or all of these critical features and amenities in Weston Hall is optional. However, moving in early, having tutor classes, and studying in the basement make up the best part of a freshman’s year. Similarly, meeting with diverse advisors from all parts of the world exposes you to ideal lessons and skills to tackle your daily life.

Forbes – the University of Illinois

The Forbes Hall is one of the largest student residential areas at the University of Illinois. It sits right at the center of Gregory units. Three buildings make up the Gregory units: Forbes Hall, Garner Hall, and Hopkins Hall. Forbes Hall draws its name from Stephen Forbes, who served as the State Laboratory of Natural History Director in the early 1900s. However, these dorms are subject to demolition for renovation purposes. Forbes Hall was being torn down and replaced with a 497-bed dorm. The new dorm is part of an $80 million building project for higher learning institutions.

The University of Illinois recycles almost all the 10,000 tons of material from a 60-year-old residence hall. Most of the rubble from Forbes Hall was reused or recycled as part of a sustainable construction effort. Most of the material that the University recycled includes concrete blocks, masonry, and metal. Furniture, doors, knobs, lights, and water meters found another use in other parts of campus. The school also saved about 250 exterior bricks for charity and donations.

Marshall Apartments – University of California

The Marshall Apartments face a lot of space inconveniences that result in the overflowing of residents to other houses. However, nothing beats Living On Campus because you are next door to everything and everyone. It gives you the freedom to roll out of bed, walk to all classes, have lunch with friends, take a quick nap, or have an afternoon lecture. Sunset surfing at the beach. Study session with suitemates.

Similarly, it is easier to go gym for a workout, watch a movie in the lounge, or share a good time at the local pub. This everyday life is more fun and fantastic when you make Marshall College Residence Halls and Apartments your home. Most students choose to live in the Marshall College residence halls their first year, with many making a return for subsequent years. However, research shows that students who live on campus utilize their college experience to the maximum.

 As a Marshall Apartments resident, you enjoy resources and amenities that make your transition into college smooth. In addition, you can also meet people from all walks of life. Similarly, first-year students live in the Marshall residence halls and suites made explicitly for them. You will also find single or double rooms arranged in various suites, each having a bathroom, living area, and balcony. Second years and the rest of the students live in the Marshall Apartments. All these apartments have a kitchen, an outstanding interior design, and furnishing. In addition, the rooms provide you with a bathroom, living room, and a total of 3bedrooms. According to your preference, the bedrooms can come in either singles or doubles.

Payne Hall

Payne Hall is Virginia Tech’s first air-conditioned residence hall with traditional hall-style rooms with shared bathrooms. The suite-style layouts with two to three rooms connect by extending into common living spaces and other shared amenities. The only disadvantage of the dorm is that the only students guaranteed to house in Payne are those who have applied and enrolled in the Meraki Living-Learning Community.

Besides the above features, Payne Hall has the following Community kitchen amenities, a fitness studio, and heating control measures. The dorm also features various Study lounges and a wireless internet connection. However, on-campus housing is not guaranteed if you are a returning or transfer student. Therefore, if you are a returning undergraduate student, you must request accommodation for the next academic year using the housing application process.

In conclusion,

The worst college dorms in the US are standard. However, not all their features come as disadvantages because they undergo renovation from time to time. Similarly, their rating depends entirely on the user experience, accessibility, and the quality of their amenities. Therefore, before choosing a specific college dorm, ensure that you research each to avoid falling into unwanted territory. In addition, after enrolling in one, follow the set rules and regulations to avoid colliding with the administration.

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