13 Things A Girl Should Definitely Have in her Dorm Room

What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room

  1. Frigidaire Mini Fridge
  2. Lightweight Stick Vacuum
  3. Apple iPad
  4. TCL Television
  5. Streaming Stick (Roku)
  6. Heated Slipper (Smoko at $48)
  7. Multicolored LED Strip Lights and Mod Clips String Lights  <<CHECK IT HERE>>
  8. 200-Thread-Count Sheet Set with a Cell Phone Pocket <<CHECK IT HERE>>
  9. Laptop Lock and Security Cable <<CHECK IT HERE>>
  10. Keurig Mini Coffee Maker <<CHECK IT HERE>>
  11. Yoga kit for Beginners <<CHECK IT HERE>>
  12. Microwave and Mini-Fridge Storage Rack <<CHECK IT HERE>>
  13. Bath Wrap <<CHECK IT HERE>>

Your first year of college as a lady is exciting, transformative, and informative. However, your mind is full-on on how you will be decorating your dorm and meeting your new roommates. Similarly, you will also need to figure out how to pack your wardrobe into that small closet. Therefore, you may forget essential things and accessories for your dorm room. Consequently, the following college packing will come in handy as a helpful guide to help you cope with that daunting move into school. 

Frigidaire Mini Fridge


You will probably have a campus meal plan in your Freshman year. However, dining centers aren’t always open and that stinging hunger might hit you when you least expect it. Therefore, pack your mini-fridge with the rest of the essential accessories to avoid forgetting them. The fridge will come in handy when you get a craving in the middle of the night or when all the eating facilities are closed. You can opt for the Frigidaire’s vintage-inspired mini design that comes in multiple cute colors, all featuring a built-in bottle opener on the side. Similarly, you may want a fridge with an in-built freezer to keep ice-cold water for those hot summer days.

Lightweight Stick Vacuum (1 Best of What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room)


Many students probably never even think to add a vacuum cleaner to their shopping list. However, vacuum cleaners will come in handy during your pre-games and 2 am trips to the vending machine. You can get various cleaners under a budget of $30 or up to $250. However, be sure to look for one that you can use as a standing cleaner or break it down into a handheld vacuum to save space.  In addition, it is recommendable to look for an energy-saving model that won’t spike your electricity bills.

Apple iPad


The latest model of the Apple iPad will get you through college and beyond. The iPad Pro functions just as well as a Macbook but provides more mobility at half the cost. However, your tablet or laptop preferences may differ based on your major. Therefore, you can use gadgets to customize your iPad collection. Some of your classes will require graphic design, sketching, and lots of writing and typing. Therefore, get an Apple Pencil for your graphic classes and a Smart Keyboard for the writing classes. What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room

TCL Television


A television set will come in handy for your entertainment and leisure time. You can get a TCL television set under the budget of $150 that can do it all to keep you occupied. Consequently, you can play video games, watch cable in HD, and stream Netflix. Similarly, you can live stream on Hulu, Prime Video, YouTube, Sling, and any other online entertainment platforms. This TV comes with an app that helps you control the TV with your phone. Therefore, you can forget the ever-sneaky remote and still search for your favorite shows and movies across all channels. The television set comes with some ideal features and a user interface that’s still so easy to use. Ask your roommate to split the cost if you opt for a more expensive television set.

Streaming Stick (Roku)


Most college students prefer bringing a smart TV. It is also recommendable to bring one because of the simplicity they come with and the cost of maintenance. However, a little streaming stick will upgrade any TV you already have to a smart gadget of your choice. Therefore, you can watch movies, sports, and shows from basically every streaming platform in HD.What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room.  All you need to do is plug in the streaming stick and configure it with your TV set.

Heated Slipper (Smoko at


Campus floor dorms may have ice-cold tiles and carpets that won’t work to your comfort. Therefore, you need heated slippers with a built-in foot warmer to protect your feet from those chilly and disgusting tile dorm floors. And, I don’t know if I made this point clear, but they’re slippers shaped like dumplings. Similarly, your bathroom trips won’t be so friendly and warm without a set of Heated slippers to keep the cold away. In addition, they will come in handy when you have visits from college friends who are more sensitive to cold tiles.

Multicolored LED Strip Lights and Mod Clips String Lights


Any college student is purely obsessed with the interior décor of their college dorm rooms. In addition, you will always be looking to enhance the cuteness in your dorm room as a girl. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that LED strips are the most popular dorm decor of 2022. You probably already have a set of strip lights strung around your bedroom. However, you can also invest in a second one to keep those exact vibes.

Similarly, mod clips string lights will come in handy during your college dorm room décor.  You can bring rainbow and twinkle lights that match or enhance your room’s interior decoration. When it comes to girls’ dorm decor, the more the string lights the better.

200-Thread-Count Sheet Set with a Cell Phone Pocket


Most colleges make dorm beds much longer than your average twin bed. In addition, there is nothing more annoying than waking up in the morning and having to look into every corner to look for your misplaced phone. Therefore, you need to buy specialty sheets to match your bed length. Look for one that comes along with the extra inches, different prints, and has a built-in pocket for your phone. Similarly, you can go the extra mile by trying to match your interior décor with your beddings through color scheming and selection.

Wireless Headphones


Many college students are obsessed with their AirPods and probably prefer them over headphones However, you’ll be glad to invest in a pair of noise-canceling headphones. Consequently, they will come in handy when your next-door neighbor is bumping house music at 1 am on a Tuesday or when trying to study with minimal interruption. You can opt for the most comfortable and adjustable ones that will provide flexible options for your peaceful sleep.

Bedside Bed Shelf and Bed Lift with Outlets and USB Ports


Phone chargers are a nuisance once you start looking for them. Therefore, you need as many phone chargers as you can afford by adding two more USB ports to your collection. Consequently, a functional clip-on nightstand will help you acquire more ports and plenty of space to store your glasses, phone, journal, remote, and preferred midnight snack.

Similarly, a Bed Lift with Outlets and USB Ports will help you add essential outlets for your phone, laptop, TV, speaker, desk lamp, straightener, wand, and tablet. These bed riders offer an extra lift to give you more storage room under your bed. The bed lifts will also come in handy because the closet will not be big enough for all your clothing needs.

Hydro Flask

Plastic bottles are outdated and not environmentally friendly. Therefore, you need a reusable bottle that will help you lower the American carbon footprint of 35 million plastic bottles annually.  Many Hydro Flask bottles come with an insulated, no-sweat design that keeps beverages cold for up to 24 hours and hot for up to 12 hours. Consequently, pick a bottle that specifically fits your design and water needs. Remember, you need to stay hydrated in between your classes and campus back and forth trips to your dorm.

Laptop Lock and Security Cable

College life is filled with all ups and downs you would expect from a group of people living together. Therefore, Laptop thefts on college campuses are very common and uncalled for. Therefore, adding a burglar-proof lock to your packing list is a necessity. You can look for one that has a lengthy coated steel cord and comes with two extra keys in case you lose one. Security cables and laptop locks are ideal because you won’t run the risk of forgetting your combo, unlike other options that come with a combination lock.

Portable Fan Rechargeable Battery USB Mini Rotation Clip-On

Campus life may come at your disadvantage if you don’t invest enough to keep off the extreme cold and very hot temperatures in your college dorm room. Therefore, you need a portable fan for those hot summer afternoons. You can buy a mini one that comes with a handy clip detail to allow you to attach the fan to your bunk, desk, or bookshelf. Consequently, a clip-on fan is a major space-saver in a cramped dorm room. Some dorm buildings are air-conditioned, but you’re going to wish you had a little extra breeze in the summer months.

Keurig Mini Coffee Maker


Some of the coldest seasons in a year call for steaming hot coffee to awaken your nerves. Therefore, you need a mini coffee maker that can easily and quickly fix you a mug of hot coffee when you need it. However, some college dorms may have policies that govern students from bringing such essentials. Consequently, a mini coffee maker is an absolute must-buy if your dorm allows them. However, your college may not allow them, meaning you’ve got a lot of very expensive trips in your future to the nearby cafe.What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room

Sleep Sound Machine


Quality sleep in a college dorm won’t come easy because of your noisy neighbors and clumsy roommate. Therefore, you will need a powerful sound machine that will help you take the edge off of room noise so you can sleep through the night. You can opt for a version that comes with diverse sound options and doubles as a portable Bluetooth speaker. Similarly, look for one with a built-in battery that can last you long enough without recharging. In addition, you can choose one that is portable and Bluetooth enabled for easier functionality and control.

Yoga kit for Beginners


As a lady, yoga will come in handy during your solitary hours for meditation and inner peace generation. You can opt for a monthly subscription to the nearby gym or you can choose a lifetime of yoga by buying your own yoga set and working out every day for free. Therefore, a beginner yoga kit will be an essential commodity if you opt for the latter. Look for a pocket-friendly one that will last till you are through with your college studies.

Lap Desk


Most college dorm rooms probably come with a desk for placing your computer and other essentials. However, you are probably going to do most of your homework in bed. Similarly, you may prefer watching your favorite shows and movies from the comfort of your mattress. Consequently, a laptop sitting on a blanket will overheat fast, crash programs, or malfunction when doing important tasks. Therefore, a lap desk will provide slots for your phone, tablet, a mousepad, cushioned wrist pillow, and a wooden topper to keep your gadgets nice and cool. You can choose a flexible and portable one with a handle for easy mobility.What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room

Puffy Laptop Sleeve

Your laptop is prone to scratches, dents, and knocks that will change its beautiful exterior appearance. Therefore, you need something to protect your expensive gadget from all these inconveniences. Consequently, don’t just throw your laptop into your backpack without proper protection. That’s where an ideal and outstanding laptop sleeve will come in handy. Slip your computer into one of these, and they can guarantee you a lengthy and healthy service from your machine.

Microwave and Mini-Fridge Storage Rack

A microwave is an essential accessory for most college students. However, not all colleges allow their learners to bring this gadget into their dorm premises. Therefore, confirm if your school allows for one before bringing it. Similarly, a mini-fridge storage rack will come in handy to provide extra storage space for your gadgets. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about your TV set getting knocked off.

Backpack Laundry Bag

You probably assumed that every weekend would be wild parties and Bumble dates in college. However, it’s mostly studying, homework, and lots of laundries. Therefore, you need a sturdy, roomy bag that can fit a month’s worth of dirty clothes and laundry. You can choose from various options which have a handle, backpack straps, and an outer pocket to hold your money, keys, fabric softener sheets, and other essentials. What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room

Bath Wrap

Nothing feels cozy more than a fluffy and warm bath wrap after your evening or morning shower. In addition, hallway wardrobe malfunctions will embarrass you in front of your college friends. Therefore, avoid this by buying a no-slip wrap with Velcro closure and elastic band to strengthen the hold.

In Conclusion

Every girl needs various items in their college dorms depending on their lifestyle and preferences. However, always check your school’s dorm policies before buying any items to ensure they’re within living guidelines. Similarly, consult with your roommate and ensure you don’t bring doubles of everything. Consequently, every single thing on this list will help you survive in your first year and probably your entire stay at school.
Things No One Tells You to Bring to College

What Every Girl Needs in Her Dorm Room

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