What Does Every College Student Need

Moving off to college and starting a whole new is incredibly exciting. Therefore, you need to start preparing to move out right after graduating to avoid a last-minute rush. Many packing lists online provide you with crucial information on what to carry and include in your shopping budget. However, there are random things that you probably think are not necessary for college learners. Consequently, include these items in the car if you’re moving away to start your life as a college student.

  • A Small-Yet-Mighty Fan
  • Backpack
  • A Cohesive Desk Set
  • Pillows and Pillowcases
  • Laptop
  • Laundry hamper or Laundry bag
  • Plenty of Notebooks and Highlighters

A Small-Yet-Mighty Fan

The summer heat will be part of your daily occurrences for the first few weeks of school. Therefore, order a small fan that has a perfect size to perch on your desk as you work. The fan should also be lightweight enough to bring with you to a friend’s dorm or even the library during study hours or group activities. Choose one that has a handle so you can hang it from a wall hook or on a bedpost.

Many colleges rarely provide you with temperature control in your dorm. Similarly, others don’t grant you the power to turn the furnace or AC on/off. A fan will potentially save your life significantly depending on where you go to college. You can also bring a spare one of those big oscillating or box ones to be on the safe side. There are even fancy desk fans that you can plug into a USB port and are pretty recommendable.

Best Fan for College students



The backpack you bring to every class says a lot about you when starting life at a new school. Therefore, choose one that reflects your style and your personality. Find the perfect design even if your style is modern, sophisticated, or subdued. You can also order some creative statement pieces if you don’t want to look like everyone else in the class.

Which is the best backpack for college?


You’re going to be using and living out of your backpack for the following years. Therefore, the more the pockets, the merrier and simpler your life turns out. Pick an ideal backpack with pockets for snacks, a pocket for homework, a pocket for electronic things, and a pocket for pencils. Similarly, get a good, sturdy, and strong bag because it will be carrying some hefty textbooks for a while.

A Cohesive Desk Set

Your desk in college will be a common compatriot for a long time. Therefore, be sure to come with a colour-coordinated desk set. Choose one that makes it easy to match any colour palette and decor style. In addition, include some trays to wrangle the erasers and keep papers in their place if you want to keep your desk tidy. Consequently, working at your desk will be much more enjoyable when you have all supplies in your favourite colour around you.

What type of desk is the best for students?


You don’t need to overblow your budget to acquire an ideal desk. Therefore, find a functional and cheap one that works for you. Remember, you need to let your laptop breathe. Consequently, please put it on a flat surface instead of your lap to improve your working rate. A desk will also help you stay upright for all your work sessions, thus avoiding sleeping off or back problems.

Disinfecting Wipes and Hand Sanitizer

Doorknobs, desks, and nightstands tend to collect a lot of germs, especially in higher learning institutions. Therefore, you need to keep a pack of disinfecting wipes on hand. You need to wipe them on the surface to clean them and let them air-dry completely. Therefore, you can clean your laptop keyboard, desk, doorknob, or that mystery spill on the floor with much ease.

The disinfecting wipes are quick, easy, and come in giant tubs that last forever. It would be ideal if you also had a hand sanitiser to keep your hands germ-free on the go. Therefore, include a mini hand sanitiser in your backpack or purse. Similarly, carry one with a spritz top that makes it easy to apply and share with friends. In addition, choose one with a pleasant scent and strong alcohol level to keep off even the Covid-19 virus.

Pillows and Pillowcases

It’s advisable to bring your pillows when moving into any college dorm. The ones you bring will entirely depend on how many pillows you usually use, whether you prefer fluffier or flatter pillows and the colour of each one. Similarly, double-check to see if you have enough pillowcases for every pillow you pack. If you are an all side or back-sleeper who prefers a pillow with sufficient support, choose a firm density pillow for your needs.

Should I get a backrest pillow for college?


In addition, friends might decide to crash during an all-nighter or unexpected guests will arrive. Therefore, an extra set of pillows will be beneficial. Similarly, they will come in handy if you like to study on the floor or in the comfort of your bed.

Comfortable Bed Sheets and Mattress Protector


Bedsheets are a crucial necessity when moving into a new college dorm. Therefore, pack at least a pair of bed sheets and mattress protectors to the college. This trick will allow you to have a spare set to put on your bed when washing the other set. Similarly, mash up the colour and buy one set of sheets in white or a solid colour you love and a second in an on-trend pattern. You can also include a pop of pattern underneath the solid colours to add interest to your dorm design.

Similarly, you never know when someone or a friend will show up and want to spend the night. An extra set of sheets might save you and your guests from clingy mattress parts. In addition, they will come in handy when you spill anything over the sheets while doing homework in bed. A mattress protector is one of the essential things to also include in your packing list. Find a waterproof zippered mattress protector to keep off bed bugs and allergens. However, be sure to check what size mattress your dorm provides so you can get the right fit and avoid oversized covers.


Laundry hamper or Laundry bag

Doing laundry is one of the most hectic activities in college dorms. You will find yourself with mountains of dirty linen, especially if you are not the conservative type. All that dirty laundry has to go somewhere before you can take it out to clean. Therefore, get yourself a hamper or laundry bag to avoid tossing all the dirty stuff on the floor or the end of your bed. Find one that is foldable and large to hide when you don’t have dirty clothes.

laundry hamper for college students


Similarly, a sturdy laundry bag can come in handy if you can’t afford a stylish hamper. The hampers tend to be a better option that is inexpensive and lightweight. In addition, laundry bags are very durable and come with sizable options. Consider buying two different colour bags so you can pre-sort your laundry ahead of time and avoid mix-ups.

Stylish Storage Bins

Tiny college dorm rooms are notoriously difficult to keep tidy. Therefore, you will have a lot of random stuff lying around. However, stocking up on multi-purpose organisers in your room can do the job. Therefore, look for storage bins that can stash everything from spare cords and chargers to socks and underwear. They will help you hide unattractive essentials out of sight. In addition, you can place them underneath a lofted bed, on a shelf, or in the closet to be more articulate. Consequently, the storage bins will make cleaning up quick and easy. They are also lovely if you get a sturdy one and can even be used for extra seating.

Storage Bins to buy for college dorms

where to buy

A Reusable Water Bottle and Water filter

Invest in a reusable bottle that helps you keep drinks cold to stay hydrated as you run between classes. Look for one that is dishwasher-safe, easy to clean and comes with a built-in straw. If you’re super picky about your water tastes, go for an option that won’t compromise the taste. The water will taste different from what you’re used to at your home.


Therefore, buy a filtration system to avoid carrying cases of water up many flights of stairs to your humble abode. Therefore, a water filter is another college must-have.

Pens + Pencil Cup and small containers

You’ll need to jot down important reminders by putting pen to paper, even if most of your notes are on your laptop or phone. In addition, some classes may have a no-laptops policy and writing things down by hand may help you remember a thing or two. Include various pens in your packing list and keep them tidy in a colour-coordinated desk organiser.

For organising products on a budget, purchase organisational products to keep like items together and allow you to move things around quickly. Similarly, purchase a label maker and label everything for more straightforward navigation. Consequently, small plastic bins can sort small items—pens, paper clips, rubber bands inside drawers. Larger baskets with lids can hold linens and spare blankets to keep them all dust-free.

A Durable Suitcase

A reliable and durable suitcase will serve a dual purpose even if you’re moving into a dorm room or travelling across the country. It will help with more accessible transportation of your clothes to your new home. After that, you can use it for any future trips or even a semester abroad. A durable case will also come in handy if you see many weekend excursions and quick trips home. Invest adequately in an ideal suitcase for a complete set that will see you through everything.

suitcase for college students


Earbuds or Noise-canceling headphones

You will have to use convenient, wireless earbuds every single day, whether you’re calling into a virtual class or listening to music on the run. Look for an option which provides a durable charge and extended playtime. Similarly, invest in comfortable earbuds with excellent sound quality, and take good care of them. These necessities will come in handy when studying in the library, coffee shops, dorm rooms, and on bus rides. You can also use them for de-stressing and meditating when you need to block out the world’s craziness.

Best Headphones for college student


A Durable Shower Caddy and Fluffy Bath Towels

There is a high possibility that you will live in a dorm with a communal bathroom. Therefore, you’ll likely need a shower caddy that will help carry your soap and shampoo back and forth to the bathroom. Look for an ideal option with a convenient handle, drain holes, and a divider to keep toiletries tidy.

Soft and absorbent bath towels can help your college dorm bathrooms approach the status of spas. Similarly, look for ones with a design that can dry quickly and won’t get musty. Pack at least two towels to always have a spare on hand for laundry day. You can also go for white bath towels that you can easily bleach to help them look fresh for years to come. However, a charcoal washcloth will come in handy for easier makeup removal and dirt wiping.


An ideal Laptop and a Protective Laptop Sleeve

Look for a sleek laptop with impressive battery life to help you stay on track. It’s recommendable to buy a lightweight personal computer to carry to class, the cafe, and the library. Remember, you will live on this laptop for the next four years during study sessions and personal time. You will also need a laptop sleeve to protect your reliable laptop. You can always buy the same boring laptop sleeve as everyone else in your class or stand out with a stylish patterned one. The choice is yours.


Plenty of Notebooks and Highlighters

It’s ideal to stock up on more notebooks than you need to avoid the inevitable situation of grabbing the wrong notebook before heading to class. Make sure you choose one with a sound paging system or has adequate sheets. You can also go for the spiral design notebooks, which are a great space-saver in a lecture hall with limited desk space. In addition, add a highlighter to your packing list because you don’t know when you’ll need it. Choose a chisel tipped one with fade-resistant ink and can make thin or thick lines. This pen will help you colour-code your notes for each class.

In Conclusion

You will need all these college essentials whether you’ll be living in a dorm, an apartment, or in the steam tunnels that run underneath the campus. Note that you also can buy many of these things locally, online, or at the convenience store near you. Therefore, find the cheapest option possible and prepare in advance. Additionally, be the person who has a tool kit, and you will find that making friends on campus is a little easier.

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