The Fort Valley College in Atlanta, Georgia, has the best dorms in the U.S. Their facilities are outstanding and functional, with world-class amenities and features. Similarly, the College’s investment in their dorms seems to be paying off because there is a continuous mass enrollment into the school annually. The 2022 Best College Dorms ranking depends on vital statistics, student reviews, functionality, and accessibility with ease of use. Top-notch colleges offer ideal campus housing that is safe and clean with modern amenities at reasonable prices.

 Fort Valley University

Fort Valley State is a public university in Fort Valley, Georgia, in the Macon Area. Fort Valley State has a strong history of the education of black Americans with a commitment to helping them stay out of crime. The small institution has an enrollment of below four thousand undergraduate students. Therefore, admissions are highly competitive because the Fort Valley State acceptance rate is 72%. Their dorms are top-notch and are currently ranked the best in Georgia. Similarly, they have supporting amenities that ensure students’ lives run smoothly.

Georgia Institute of Technology

Georgia Institute of Technology is a college in Atlanta, Georgia, with some of the best college dorms in the States. The Main Campus is a large four-year public college offering undergrad and graduate programs to diverse learners globally. The College has over twenty thousand active students enrolled on a full-time basis. Similarly, it has over fifteen thousand students who attend classes part-time. The College is famous for its success In training learners. The College boasts of an acceptance rate of 21%. Therefore, there is a need for world-class amenities and facilities like dorms, study rooms, and libraries. In addition, it comes as one of the best public universities in Georgia that began as an all-male institution and didn’t admit female students until 1952. Some of the College’s best dorms include:

Smith Hall

The dorm offers double, triple, and quadruple occupancy rooms and houses to most of its first-year students. In addition, lounges on each floor of the hall, a workout area, and a kitchen enhance each learner’s experience.

Fulmer Hall

Fulmer Hall exterior

Fulmer Hall is an all-female, traditional dorm offering double occupancy and fully furnished rooms for first-year students. Similarly, the hall comes with study rooms, lounges, and a shared kitchen.

Glenn Hall

Glenn Hall is another unique dorm that houses first-year students at the Georgia Institute of Technology primarily. In addition, the dorm comes with double occupancy rooms and a few quadruple occupancy rooms that can house up to four residents. Additionally, Glenn hall has a classy elevator, a study room, a lounge, an activity room, and a gym to top off its features.

Graduate Living Center

The Graduate Living Center is also one of the best dorms at the Georgia Institute of Technology. It has an apartment-style design and is specifically available to graduate students. Similarly, the hall offers more privacy to occupants because every learner has a room and a shared apartment. In addition, a kitchen is available in each unit while the apartments are fully furnished.

Hayes House

Hayes House is a suite-style accommodation facility for undergraduate students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Therefore, two single rooms each share a bathroom, which is an effective plan. This student residential area has an elevator, living room, study room, and a spacious lounge. In addition, there is a kitchen for convenience purposes. It also houses international students to help them ease into college life.

 Stein House

Stein House is an all-female science and technology apartment for undergraduate students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. Like its predecessors, every unit in Stein Hall comes with two private bedrooms and a shared bathroom. In addition, there is a lounge area, a study area, and an easily accessible kitchen on the first floor.


Towers Hall is a traditional-style hall housing only first-year students with a majority of double-occupancy rooms and a few quadruple-occupancy rooms. The rooms are fully furnished and ready to use after enrolling. In addition, the residence hall includes a gym, a lounge area, a study room, and a classy elevator. Similarly, there is a kitchen accessible by every learner.

Zbar Apartments

Zbar Apartments is a residential complex for various undergraduate students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The apartments comprise four private bedrooms and a shared living room. In addition, it also comes with a shared kitchen and two shared bathrooms in each unit for easier accessibility and usability. Similarly, there is a spacious study room and elevator to ease movement in the building.

Perry Hall

Perry Hall is a traditional-style co-educational residence hall for first-year students at the Georgia Institute of Technology. The hall comprises traditional double occupancy rooms and communal bathrooms to top up the functionality. Unlike other dorms, Perry Hall has a sunroom, a spacious study lounge, gym facilities, and an ideal kitchen for all meals.

Maulding Apartments

Maulding Apartments consist of two, four, and six-bedroom apartments for Georgia Institute of Technology undergraduate students. There is a shared living room, a spacious kitchen, and bathrooms in the apartments. In addition, there are study rooms, a sunroom, a gym, and an elevator in this dorm that tops up its functionality.

Spelman College

Spelman College is a small four-year private college that offers undergraduate programs in Atlanta, Georgia. Two thousand one hundred thirty-two students are enrolled full-time, and 75 attend part-time. The institution has an acceptance rate of 52%. Consequently, Spelman is one of the best historically Black colleges and universities (HBCUs) in the Georgia nation. It is also the oldest HBCU for women and just one of two in the U.S.

Stewart Living & Learning Center (LLC I)

The Stewart Living & Learning Center Residence Hall has a conference room and living quarters for visiting lecturers, scholars, and artists. In addition, it is the only residence hall that accommodates first-year students and upper-class students within the same building. The hall has air conditioning and provides housing for about 199 residents. The hall has single- and double-occupancy rooms with cable and WI-FI internet connection. All spaces within the LLC I residence hall are easily accessible using the elevator.

  1. b)     Dorothy Shepard Manley Hall (Manley)

Manley Hall houses over one hundred residents with single, double, triple, and quad occupancy rooms. Therefore, it’s easy for residents to establish a sense of community and create lifelong relationships. This hall has a full kitchen with a microwave, laundry facilities, and a storage room. In addition, there is a cable TV and Wi-Fi internet access. Residents also have access to computers in the hallway.

  1. c)       Howard-Harreld Hall (HH)

This dorm houses over 150 first-year students. It is the largest first-year residence hall on the Spelman College campus. In addition, the hall has a full kitchen, storage rooms, vending areas, and laundry facilities for ideal living experiences. Computers within the main lounge of the Howard-Harreld residence hall offer services for the residents to use. The Howard-Harreld Hall contains single, double, triple, and quad occupancy rooms. In addition, each room has Wi-Fi internet and cable television.

  1. d)     Morehouse-James Hall

This r Morehouse-James Hall is part of the first significant Spelman campus expansion. It houses first-years in double and single-occupancy rooms that give learners ample storage and living space. In addition, it has a small porch and rocking chairs, providing a comfortable space for all residents to socialize and relax. The amenities of Morehouse-James Hall include WI-FI and cable connections in each room, a laundry facility, a study lounge, and a spacious vending area. The kitchenettes at the end of each hallway meet each resident’s cooking and food storage needs.

  1. e)     Sally Sage McAlpin Hall (McAlpin)

McAlpin has over 70 single rooms and 23 double rooms with a privacy wall. Each room has a personal cooling system that the residents can control. In addition, there are other amenities including spacious rooms, furnished kitchenettes a vending area, and an elevator for easier movement.

 Johnetta Betsch Cole Living-Learning Center II (LLC II)

LLC II has over one hundred rooms with complete air conditioning for students’ comfort. The laundry facilities, vending area, and storage rooms within the residence hall are easily accessible through the elevator. Therefore, moving in and around the dorm is relatively easy and convenient.

 Bessie Strong Hall

The Bessie Strong residence hall has eight single rooms and one double room. Therefore, there is room for the extra comfort of all students as part of this living-learning Community. The WISDOM Center serves to provide a comprehensive educational experience through various practices. All students who wish to live in this residence hall must apply through the Wisdom Center.

Laura Spelman Rockefeller Memorial Hall (Laura Spelman)

Laura Spelman is an upper-class residence hall that houses over thirty students on the second and third floors. It features cable and WI-FI connections, study lounges, full kitchen and laundry facilities. Each room has a micro-fridge to improve student’s daily life. In addition, there is a spacious computer lab and comfortable study spaces accessible 24 hours a day for all Spelman students on the ground floor.

Beverly Daniel Tatum Suites (The Suites)

The Beverly Daniel Tatum Suites allow upper-class residents to enjoy apartment-style living. Its rooms vary in size from two bedrooms with one bathroom, three bedrooms with two bathrooms, to four bedrooms with two bathrooms. Similarly, there is air-conditioning in every suite, and it is fully furnished. In addition, the rooms come fully equipped with a fully equipped kitchenette and living room. Students have access to a laundry room and can enjoy study areas, lounges, vending, and storage on almost every floor. In addition to student rooms, there is a dining hall and a parking deck in the building.

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is a world-class four-year public college offering undergraduate and graduate programs in Athens. The College has over thirty thousand students learning on a full-time basis. Similarly, it has over three thousand learners who attend part-time learning. The college houses this large population in top-notch and fully functioning dorms. Therefore, the College has an acceptance rate of 29%. The University of Georgia is also one of the oldest and best public schools. Here, various dorms come together to form a community. Some of the communities include

  The Hill Community – Church, Boggs, Hill, Mell, and Lipscomb Halls

These five different halls in the heart of campus are traditional-style with shared rooms and common floor bathrooms. Oglethorpe Hall is a suite-style hall with en-suite bathrooms and a shared kitchen.

The Russell Community

Russell Hall is probably one of the most popular and highest-rising dorms. The dorm has a recent renovation and outstanding new amenities. In addition, there is free tutoring in the lobby, friendly and spacious study rooms, and a marketplace on the ground floor. Similarly, the rooms in Russel Hall come with a mini-fridge and microwave.

The East Campus Village Community – Building 1516, Rooker, Busbee, McWhorter, and Vandiver Halls

These are five apartment-style housing halls with kitchens and living rooms that are fully furnished. The dorms are popular with athletes because the Community is near a fitness center and a dining hall.

The Brumby Community

The Brumby Hall is one of the most popular and ideal dorms for incoming Freshmen at the University of Georgia. Consequently, it is the most newly renovated dorm building, adding a complete interior renovation. It has spacious student rooms, community bathrooms, lobbies, and study spaces with easy access and usage. It is the most significant and unique high rise next to Russell Hall.

The University Village Community

The University Village Community apartments are available to graduate students and undergraduate students with families. The Community includes the Brandon Oaks playground, Rogers Road, and University Village.

The Creswell Community

Creswell Hall is one of the most popular dorm choices because it’s very social and inviting. In addition, the dorm shares a crosswalk with Russell Hall. It has a traditional housing system with shared bathrooms and co-educational housing.

The Reed Community

The Reed Community includes the Payne and Reed Hall. The two halls are open all year-round. In addition, they are near the center of campus and Close to the Fine Arts building. The Community is adjacent to East Campus Village, making it an ideal socializing place.

The Health Science Campus Community

The Health Science Campus Community consists of Kenney, Brown, and McGowan Road Halls. The community houses graduate and medical students. In addition, it has bussing to and from the main campus to make it easier for students to go back and forth between the two because of the long distance.

The Myers Community

The Myers Community includes the Mary Lyndon Hall, Myers Hall, Rutherford, and Soule Halls. The Community is home to Honors College students and French and Spanish Language Communities. Similarly, it also holds the Franklin Residential College. In addition, it is Close to Sanford Stadium and is one of the oldest dorms at UGA.

In conclusion,

The College with the best dorms in Georgia is the Fort Valley University of Georgia. The spacious and well-furnished halls make it ideal for proper learning environments for all students. Similarly, constant renovation and a proper management make the dorms retain an attractive appearance. Therefore, it all depends on your preferences and social settings to choose the right dorm for you.


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