Things No One Tells You to Bring to College

You may score the internet for lists of things to bring when preparing to move into any college dorm. There are various basics and essentials to bring with you to college. However, some websites may miss out on equally essential items that no one will you to bring to college. Therefore, the following is a list of things you definitely should bring to college while other students may forget or get discouraged.

Water Filter and bottle


Trekking across campus to get clean water can be tiring and annoying. In addition, having clean water available at all times is great and will ensure you stay hydrated. Therefore, you need an efficient Water Filter Pitcher or water bottle. Staying in a traditional dorm or an apartment will determine which one works best for you. Choose the water bottle in a traditional dorm because it can fit perfectly in your mini-refrigerator.

Consequently, it will save you so much money because you don’t have to restock your plastic water bottle supply constantly. A pitcher will come in handy if you live in an apartment with a full refrigerator. Remember, you will spend most of your day outside your dorm room in college, and you need to stay hydrated in class or before a big night out. Therefore, bring your favorite water bottle to cope with dry situations.

A Microwave


A microwave may be the only cooking appliance you have access to as a freshman. A microwave will come in handy when preparing that quick meal, whether in your dorm room or a shared lounge. Therefore, a microwave might save your life when you come back starving or after a night of drinking or studying. Look for a choice that can cook anything from veggies to chicken steamed in the microwave if you want to keep eating healthy. You can also include a mini-cookbook for easier meals on a budget that you can prepare using your microwave.

Desk Chair Cushion


College dorm desks are very uncomfortable with hardwood surfaces. Therefore, bringing a desk cushion for your back will enhance your indoor learning experience. Remember, most classes nowadays happen online, and students spend hours sitting at their desks. Consequently, a small cushion or pillow makes all the difference in ensuring that you have a comfortable sitting arrangement.

A mini Blender


It would help if you had quick meals that are easy to prepare as a college student. Therefore, a mini blender will come in handy to prepare quick meals like protein shakes. Shakes are easily portable and provide you with the nutrients needed to get through class, studying, and gym exercise. However, many colleges don’t allow many appliances in their freshman dorms. Therefore, a mini blender is an important exclusion perfect for a healthy fruit smoothie. Consequently, buy various fruits, buns, and yogurt from the cafeteria for your quick meals, and you’ll have everything you need when you feel like eating a healthy snack.

Easy to Slip-on Shoes


You will need flip-flops for the shower because they can protect you from foot fungus. However, having a different pair of slip-on shoes is a staple item for you as a college student. Slip-on slippers or fitting sneakers will come in handy for quick trips to get a coffee or grab lunch while waiting for laundry to be done. In addition, they will help you keep your feet warm while also being efficient if you are late for class.

Noise Cancelling Headphones and Comfy stuff


Many college students don’t prefer earplugs because of their boring nature. They tend to choose noise-canceling headphones because they work wonders to keep you relaxed early in the morning. Similarly, t they block out your roommate’s annoying snores and late-night movie noises. Bring your Bluetooth headphones, and you will never complain about unnecessary noise or banter from your roommates.

In addition, you can bring two or more souvenirs from home that can help you cope with homesickness and stress. It’s recommendable to bring stuffed and cozy items like dolls to bring a homey feeling to your college bedroom. Similarly, a picture of your siblings or parents can help you overcome boredom and feelings of neglect. Bring one and set it beside your headboard or bedside for a peaceful night’s sleep.

Dorm Decorations


Dorm decor is essential for all college students. Some websites, family members, and sad, unhappy people will advise you not to bring things to decorate your college dorm. Remember that your dorm will be your home for the entire year, and you will be spending most of your time when you are not in class or the library. Therefore, you will not want to spend your precious time in a dull room with bland white stone walls that feel nothing like home.

Many college learners enjoy decorating their dorm rooms in diverse ways. The dorm décor creates a personal space that suits your tastes and makes it fun to spend time in your dorm room. You can bring items like a cute rug, throw pillows, and a tapestry to decorate the shared spaces and make them more inviting. However, bring things to decorate that make you happy and talk to your roommates and see their plans. You’ll create a wonderful environment that supports your learning schedule.

Bluetooth Speaker



A Bluetooth speaker will come in handy for various fun activities in your dorm room. For instance, you can hold a random dance party with your roomies or jam to your favorite music when you have the room to yourself. You also require some constructive background noise when cooking or studying together with your friends. The music will help boost your morale while sharing with friends instead of listening through your earpieces.

In addition, the first few nights in your dorm room are always awkward. No one knows each other, and you haven’t figured out who to hang out with in college. Similarly, you may not know where to go and have fun or get those much-needed drinks or cocktails. In addition, you can accompany the Bluetooth speaker with a few games like a deck of cards to break the boredom with your new roommates.

A Fuzzy Blanket


College dorm rooms may turn out to be very cold during some seasons. Therefore, having a blanket to wrap around you during these hectic periods can be a blessing. A comfy blanket will help you avoid quarrels with your roommate who has an issue turning the thermostat above 65 degrees. You can curl up on the couch, your bed, or the desk chair with a fluffy blanket when enjoying your favorite movie or having those overnight study sessions. In addition, wrapping yourself up will make you feel a little better when you fall sick.

Similarly, huddling under a blanket and taking a break is the perfect medicine for stress and discomfort after a long day of studying. In addition, make sure you bring a comfortable sweatshirt or sweater to remain cozy all day, even after leaving your blanket nest. The two will be a major necessity, especially during the winter season. You may also want to bring a quad blanket or towel for Sitting on the quad during a warm Spring. Therefore, you do not have to worry about getting grass or dirt on your bed blankets because you have a designated outdoor blanket that will save you some laundry money.

Air Freshener and Trash Can Liners


Your college dorm room is not always going to smell very pleasant. There might be some horrid smells and annoying food aromas that you can’t get rid of even after opening windows and doors. Therefore, you need some strong air freshener to reduce the bad smells that may haunt you. Regardless of the reason for your room smell, you will want something to help diffuse or do away with it. Make sure you buy a fragrance that you can stand because combining two bad smells may be horrible.

Taking out the trash is a pain for any college student in their dorm rooms. In addition, a sticky and smelly garbage can in your room will intensify your suffering. Therefore, bring Little trash can liners that make it easy to dispose of your waste and leave your room smelling fresher. Please choose the most appropriate and sizable ones to hold a significant amount of waste before throwing it away.

A Clip-on Fan and A Full-Length Mirror


The temperature in your college dorm room can fluctuate, especially during summer and spring. Therefore, having a fan is crucial, especially if your college does not have an AC system. Sometimes the AC system may fail or malfunction due to low maintenance. Having a fan in your room will at least cool you off during those super-hot days. A stylish fan may also enhance the overall room décor and cool your room down.

As a college student, having a full-length mirror is essential. You need to make sure you look presentable and fresh before leaving your dorm room. Therefore, a full-length mirror will come in handy during personal grooming periods or applying that much-needed makeup. Look for a full-length mirror that you can hang on the back of your door or any suitable location. In addition, place it strategically so that you never leave my room without checking your outfit in it.

A tiny steamer and a 


Many college dorms do not allow you to bring an iron of your choice. Similarly, there is limited time, and there is no way you will be ironing anything in your dorm. However, all of your clothes will get wrinkles after bringing them from home in a packed suitcase or after washing them. Therefore, you will need a mini steamer to take all the wrinkles off your clothes in a short period. Consequently, you can appear presentable during that sorority recruitment event or a job interview.

Similarly, Lint is common in every linen you wear. However, having a lint roller on hand may not cross your busy college mind. Bringing a lint roller allows you to clean up your clothes, furniture, and bed decorations instantly. Pick one equally functional and on a budget, and always check for those annoying Lint on your clothes.

Bed Skirt and Extra Pillows


An uncovered bed is all annoying even when your friends come over. Therefore, getting an extra-long bed skirt or simply using a top sheet to cover the side of your bed makes such a big difference. Remember, your dorm rooms may be small enough or squeezed, forcing you to create an under-bed storage system. However, seeing loads of things under your bed only adds to the clutter. A bed skirt covers the mess and still allows you to use the space, making it a great and simple way to spice up your space and interior décor.

In addition, you will be having constant visits from your college mates. Therefore, having some loose pillows for back support is a great idea to enjoy those visits to the maximum. You can also choose to bring a body pillow that adds comfort to the entirety of your bed. Consider bringing one of those fuzzy or hairy pillows to match your general interior décor.

An Ice Cube Tray and Humidifier


There are various situations where you will find yourself in need of ice. For instance, you may prepare those healthy milkshakes or have a drinking party with your college friends. In addition, there is no fun trekking to the dining hall to get a cup of ice. Therefore, make sure you come with an ice cube tray for your mini-fridges. Consequently, you will have ice for water and any other beverage that needs some cooling.

In addition, waking up with a sore throat on a cold winter morning is one of the most annoying things that can ruin your day. Therefore, bring an air purifier or humidifier that will add some moisture back into the air of your dorm room. Consequently, you’ll wake up fresh and ready for another day of class.

Medication and a first aid kit

It’s crucial to have medication readily available for any emergency. Similarly, college students like having fun, and you may wake up with a deadly hangover after a heavy drinking night. Therefore, it would help if you had painkillers, allergy medication, cold medication, and stomach ache relievers at your disposal. Stock up on enough medication because you never know when a killer migraine will hit you hard.

In Conclusion

There are various things that no one will bother to tell you if you can bring them to college or not. Therefore, ensure you research well on what you can bring to your college dorm room to avoid colliding with the administration. In addition, these things might be the simplest ways you get to make new friends by sharing with them what they don’t have.

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